Chilli Lime Beef Jerky (Mild)



Chilli Lime Beef Jerky

Delicious Chilli Lime Beef Jerky, the taste of a Caribbean Sunset!

Our Chilli Lime Beef Jerky is a classic flavour of the Caribbean. As you chew, the flavour keeps on coming until it finishes with a hint of lime. It’s got a lovely spice to it but it’s not considered too hot by most. As with all our products, Chilli Lime is made with premium local Aussie beef and is cooked slowly over a fruitwood BBQ.

This way the flavour is sealed in and the aroma is fantastic. Come on, get a bit of sunshine in your life and order some BBQ Chilli Lime Beef Jerky today!

Is Beef Jerky good for losing weight?

It certainly can be. Generally, beef jerky is considered high protein and low carbohydrate. Watch out though because some brands are also high fat. BBQ Chilli Lime Beef Jerky is low fat and all-natural. It’s also gluten-free. The key is moderation and so a few pieces of our beef jerky will help keep you satiated between meals but won’t blow the calorie count.

Where does your beef come from?

We’re very lucky up here on the Coffs Coast because we have the best Angus Beef cattle for miles around. They’re reared on lush pasture land and provide the highest quality meat. Our jerky is usually from the Topside or Full Round. Every piece is trimmed of fat to make it extra healthy.

Quick! Where can I buy BBQ Chilli Beef Jerky?

That’s easy. We ship directly via our online store to all over Australia using Express Post. The good news is, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. For the sake of freshness, we only make small batches and most orders are cooked to order. Wholesale quantities of delicious BBQ Beef Jerky can be catered for, just email an enquiry.

Our online store is ready to take your order 24/7 so head there now! Don’t forget to add a few sample size bags to try different flavours.

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