Asian Fusion Beef Jerky



Asian Beef Jerky

Experience the taste, aromas and sensations of an exotic eastern land with our delicious Asian Style Jerky

Our Asian style jerky brings you to the next level of an exotic taste experience. Asia Fusion is a perfect balance of Asian spices marinated with the finest Aussie beef and slow-cooked over a BBQ. Furthermore, we smoke the jerky with Fruitwood to enhance and seal in the delicious flavours. You’ll enjoy the blend of Asian spices but this isn’t a chilli hot snack.


Is beef jerky dehydrated or smoked?

The fact is, most commercially available beef jerky, including Asian style jerky, is made by dehydration. This gives a blander taste and a tougher texture. Our BBQ Beef Jerky, on the other hand, is slow-cooked over a BBQ and smoked with aromatic Fruitwoods. It’s a superior product for taste and texture.

Is Beef Jerky popular in Asia?

Yes, it is. Smoked and spiced food is a common way of cooking all throughout Asia, especially in China and Korea. Smoking meat over a BBQ packs in the flavours and gives the product an extended shelf life.

Ok, I’m in! Where can I buy BBQ Beef Asian Fusion Jerky?

At the moment we ship directly via our online store to all over Australia using Express Post. The good news is the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. For the sake of freshness, we only make small batches and most orders are cooked to order. Wholesale quantities of delicious BBQ Beef Asian Fusion Jerky can be catered for, just email an enquiry.

Head over to our online store now and order your BBQ Beef Asian Fusion Jerky! Don’t forget to add a few sample size bags to try.

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